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Cleaning your home in Marietta can sometimes be a job you just don’t want to do, especially if you are using those dangerous chemical cleaners. So here is a quick tip how to was windows without the spray fumes and chemicals getting in your lungs.

How to Green Clean Glass and Mirrors

Forget ammonia-based window cleaners! The windows in your home can be effectively cleaned with 4 tablespoons lemon juice mixed with a half gallon of water. Other effective cleaners for glass and mirrors are rubbing alcohol and witch hazel.

house cleaning services Marietta Ga

Another tip that old-fashioned household hint books often mention is that you can wipe windows clean with newspapers. While this may sound like a totally green idea — after all, you’d be reusing newspapers and saving on paper towels — the reality is that doing so is a messy and big waste of time. Try using a clean, lint-free rag instead, perhaps an old cotton T-shirt or cloth diaper.­ ­

At Atlanta Eco Cleaners we have a million ways to keep your home toxic free and never use the harsh chemicals because we know what they can do to the inhabitants of the house.

We only use eco friendly products which are safe for you, your family and of course our employees.

Indoor pollutants can be 7-10 times worse than outdoor pollutants. So ridding the house of chemical cleaners is a step in the right direction.

Call Atlanta Eco Cleaners for an “Eco” and “Friendly” clean today.

We offer house cleaning services in Marietta and Atlanta northern suburbs. Let us do all the work for you and have peace of mind that your house will be clean and safe.

“Because you should never have to choose between healthy or clean”

Schedule an appointment today. Call for a free estimate (404) 793-7550 or fill out our contact form here


Answering the Funky Shark Scam Question…

Here is a review from one of our Funky Shark members:

Funky Shark is a new penny auction with a unique business opportunity attached to it.There’s more than one penny auction opportunity online these days. You have
probably seen at least one. Some are great. Some are just ok. Some you should avoid like the plague because they are nothing more than money games that will not last.

funky shark business

Regardless, none of them are offering a way for you to make this kind of Real, Long term, Sustainable, Passive money from Company auction profits like Funky Shark does.

Absolutely no one is doing what Funky Shark is doing!

Not only are they paying you a substantial one time finders fee for bringing new members to Funky Shark, but they are also…

Paying you a monthly residual income every time your personal members renew their membership. And they are…

Paying you a percentage of your personal members bid pack purchases. And they are…

Paying you massive percentage of the retail value of every item your personal members win in the penny auctions. And they are…

Paying you a percentage of their company wide profits that result from the penny auctions.

And to top it off they are…

Paying you 10-40% matching bonuses on all of the autoship bid pack purchases and Auction Profit Share Bonuses up 5 generations from you.

The people you sponsor are your first generation. The people they sponsor are your second generation. People sponsored by your second generation are your third generation. And so on down the line.

You can match 10-40% of every commission ALL of these people collect from auto-ship bid pack purchases and Auction Profit Share Bonuses! For more details, qualifications and rules please read their Compensation Plan description.

funky shark review

You can refer people to the Funky Shark Penny Auction and earn commissions using any of the three web sites that are assigned to you personally, once you joined Funky Shark.

But referring members is totally optional. You can simply collect your monthly bid pack on autoship and be automatically qualified as Alpha, Bronze, or Silver without lifting a finger! We’re talking 100% PASSIVE INCOME from Auction Profits!!

What Funky Shark is NOT

One of the biggest question there is after the recent closing down of one penny auction site is “I know the Alpha, Bronze and Silver Pools are PASSIVE income from auction profits, but can’t we buy bid packs and earn a daily percentage on our purchase amount?”

The reply is always – “Oh, you mean like an investment scheme?”

“Well… Yeah, something like that, only I guess we shouldn’t call it an investment” is what they come back with.

To make it very clear: the ONLY way commissionable money is legitimately earned is from sales being made and profitable auctions closing. Period!

So if Funky Shark would offer a daily percentage but daily income was to eventually not be enough to pay everyone a decent daily percentage return, then what?

Commissionable money cannot accumulate as a result of new members joining and injecting fresh money (buying bid packs) into a program. That is called a Ponzi scheme. Relying on new people buying bid packs next month to create enough money to pay people who joined this month is illegal. People go to jail for stuff like this. Those programs get shut down and people like you can lose huge money.

At Funky Shark they do not believe in playing money games with your business and cash. Their goal is not to disguise a magic piggy bank and hope to get rich before they get discovered, while totally ignoring the law and the safety of your money and our promises to you along the way.

The goal of Funky Shark is to provide you with a stable, long term business that will not require a massive legal team and compliance documents to keep it safe.

They most certainly do not want you joining under the premise of the current opportunity and then make insane changes on you down the road that cripple your income and the over all opportunity.

If your “online eyes” have been open during 2011-2012 you know what we are talking about. You have seen what has happened. People have lost a lot of money. Think back to the programs that failed and compare their income opportunity to the one at Funky Shark.

Both offer PASSIVE income opportunities. The difference though, is that the law will never consider Funky Shark an illegal investment program or Ponzi scheme because NOTHING about their offer is even remotely close to an investment.

funky shark scam

So… what Funky Shark most definitely is NOT is an investment scheme. They do not take your money and promise a daily percentage return for a certain number of days. They are not comfortable making those kinds of promises to you because if the income can’t support it, they REFUSE to risk everyone’s well-being with money games to keep things going.

As you now very clearly know… Funky Shark is a real business with long term goals you can rely on. It is not a game.

Original Article: /vivid/blog/funky-shark-is-it-a-scam/


My Thoughts about Funky Shark as a business opportunity:


Funky Shark is definitely an intriguing opportunity for many members who were in Zeek Rewards. Yes, I said it. They were the massive company who brought so much attention to the penny auction industry. This is a world wide business and people are looking for something to they can put their faith in and not be disappointed like we were before.

The Compensation Plan has to be safe – Funky Shark has done that.

It has to be attractive – right now there is nothing that pays out like the penny auction business.

It has to be real – nothing but money from sales from the auction.

That is something we can believe in and join with confidence.

So, how do you make money with the Funky Shark?

Well, one word springs to mind….Team!


Working together is always going to be better than trying to do it all yourself.

Two minds are better than one and a team of minds are even better than that.

Let’s join together and make the Funky Shark a great business success.

Click here to join http://rewards.funkyshark.com/act/eternalads




The skin care company Nerium AD announced new reports that will appear on the company’s website explaining the science, research and development behind their product after the FDA gave out a formal warning to the L’Oreal skin care company.


Houston, TX. (PRWEB) September 17, 2012

After a new report was released revealing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is giving the L’Oreal skin care company a formal warning regarding how they promote their skin care products, Nerium skin care announced new reports on their company website about the science behind their products. The FDA issued the warning to L’Oreal regarding their anti-aging skin care products and have been advised to take certain steps to fix any language violations they have committed with the advertising and promotion of their products.

nerium skin care night cream


With the FDA applying strict rules on all skin care companies, the Nerium skin care line decided to help customers avoid confusion with their products and have launched new reports on their website regarding the science behind their skin care products. The new reports, found in the company’s “Real Science” portion of their website will feature all of the information behind the scientist developed breakthrough that lead to the company’s skin care line as well as the research and findings that stand behind the product. Here customers can also learn about the skin care line’s patent pending formulas and find more about the age-defying product.

As part of the new informational promotions theNerium age defying skin care brand is also announcing new free videos on the company website as well as new blog entries designed to help those interested in the revolutionary skin care product learn more. The new promotion has launched on the company website and is available to anyone who is looking for more insight on these skin care products and the science and research behind this line.

For more information on the Nerium International skin care line and all of their products visit http://amandahowe.theneriumlook.com/cp/129.

Quote startWith the FDA applying strict rules on all skin care companies, the Nerium skin care line decided to help customers avoid confusion with their products and have launched new reports on their website regarding the science behind their skin care products.Quote end


House Cleaning Services Canton GA


Atlanta Eco Cleaners service the greater Atlanta area including Canton GA with their professional green cleaning service.

Both residential and commercial cleaning services in Canton GA can be administered by contacting the company by phone (404) 793-7550 or by visiting the contact page on their website here.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners are dedicated to cleaning your home or office with natural green and eco friendly products because we know that pollution in the air inside your home or workplace can be as much as 5 times as bad as it is outside.

Considering most people spend 90% of their time indoors, it is important that the air they breathe is not filled with chemicals left over from poisonous cleaning products.

Statistics show that an office cleaned with green natural products is better for the staff with less time taken off work for colds and common illnesses.

With the number of people with breathing problems now, it is critical that offices have safe eco cleaning services to reduce the chance of lawsuits because of unsafe working conditions.

The same is true and more with the home. Your children could be breathing in poisonous chemicals all day and night because of the household cleaners you are using.

Rid your home now of the poison and let Atlanta Eco Cleaners clean with 100% effective natural cleaners.

We stand behind our work and offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely happy with the way your home is cleaned, we will come back out free of charge and fix the problem.


Our stay know that our business reputation is on the line for each and every house cleaning that we do, so they strive to do their best and offer a quality clean each and every time.

So, whether it is a one time cleaning for the holiday visitors arriving or relieving you of the stress of having to clean your home yourself during your busy schedule, we have a plan that will fit all Canton Ga. home owners and businesses.

House Cleaning Services Canton Ga

Call (404) 793-7550 to get a free quote and have our professional maid service at your home delivering a fresh clean home each and every time.





Atlanta Eco Cleaners
260 Peachtree Street
Suite 2200
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 793-7550


House Cleaning Services Alpharetta GA.


Atlanta Eco Cleaners serve the Atlanta and north Georgia area for residential and commercial cleaning services including the wonderful area of Alpharetta GA.

We concentrate on cleaning with Eco friendly chemical free products that keep your home both safe and clean. We know how toxic the atmosphere is outside and know that inside your home where you spend up to 90% of your time can be up to 5 to 10 times more toxic than the air outside.


That is why at Atlanta Eco Cleaners we do all we can to make your home environment as safe as possible for your family. Whether you need a deep cleaning to finally rid your home of all the unclean chemicals, or you need weekly or bi-weekly cleanings to maintain that wonderful crisp, clean and shining home, we have a cleaning package that is right for you.

Our house cleaning prices are very competitive in the Green Cleaning market for Atlanta and we offer monthly coupons at our Google+ Local page.

House cleaning Services Alpharetta GA

We look forward to providing you with a clean house and we guarantee our work. If you are not 100% satisfied like our other customers are, then let us know and we will fix the problem right away free of charge.

We always do our best to serve our valued customers in Alpharetta and all across Atlanta and North Ga and we really appreciate your business.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners




Amanda Howe

Atlanta Eco Cleaners
260 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 2200
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 793-7550



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